Make love not politics !

2997074565There is a problem when politics is no longer something one hides discreetly. 

I remember when i was in high school and we would all try to guess the history 

teacher’s political was difficult and it should be because teachers,

therapists should not make politics an alternative flag to wave to the world.

How can politics be actually damaging is that it takes away from the focus 

on the individual and generalises ; so Donald Trump does that and so do 

the extreme left political groups who go after people or groups that they 

dislike with violent means, not caring like a certain so called human rights group in Israel  if their giving names for the Palestinian authorities of those cooperating with Israel  might mean execution for some Palestinians  , and maybe ALL political groups are wrong when they generalise and no longer look at the individual quest for a life free of violence of any kind. 

When i was in school  trillion of years ago in Tel Aviv, the last thing i thought i would be interested or involved with was politics, i did not want to be a leader, i just wanted to be an individual left alone to be busy with what interested me and to help living creatures survive attempts to destroy naturally i am a vegetarian with  an attraction towards liberal political ideas but i try not to be a typical liberal by deciding about each issue according to the facts that i know and try not to assume anything and i try very hard not to belong to any club or group and that seems to be what i have in common with others all over the world more than any given nationalistic label.

There are too many teachers, politicians , writers busy with politics and yet when it comes to Donald Trump, i think we should all unite in saying NO to a man who wishes to divide so i am not interested in what good he will bring the world because so far he seemed to have attracted negative energy and so do some extreme left political movements who do not mind using violence to fight for their ideas, and that means every idea on earth , so what is the path to follow? One’s own truth and anyone opposing individuality and freedom of expression is for me the problem not necessary a right leaning politician though sadly repressing freedom of expression is something the right wing usually does very well but regarding the middle east, there are too many words written and too few by Palestinians who actually want to live a politically free life as individuals, not as Arabs or Moslems or men or women, or whatever identity society sticks on them and i am with them on that choice..a big NO to labelling and generalising and just letting people be whatever nonviolent life style they choose, even if they are not homosexual or transgender …


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a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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