inspired by James Joyce

Dedicated to all those church ladies who see the devil everywhere outside of themselves and not in the mind that creates the idea of a devil outside!


All those who see demons 

see themselves reflected back,

All those religions who see the devil 

in someone else 

should search closer to home. 

Whatever you see in the other 

says more about yourself 

than anyone else,

ask any wise mother. 

And the heavenly father 

he sees his reflection 

in every being 

small or large 

and only kindness 

comes back 

from his heavenly eyes

to those who see him 

and his infinite mercy 

towards all who have opened

their hearts

to know and to see

what is in me

is as good as what you see

as yourself

nothing less

nothing more

than an entire world 

entirely pure as your heart

and as good as your deeds

and  as good as your last thought

of another being ,

the blessings or the curses

according to your thoughts.





About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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