It’s not me

Daisy decides
One day
To change the details
Of her online dating profile
To asian
Very tall
she leaves education
She takes away
the weight of years
And children
And  the dog
She leaves a computer expert
With no other interests
And she receives
Her bags of letters
All the men
Silently sadistic
Have now began
Knocking upon
her door,
Let us in
Oh wonderful ideal
Of computerized dreams,
Heroine of Japanese animation,
Potential fantasy life provider,
Let us in!
They demand
All those now awakened men
Actively recruiting her attention
Offering her so much cyber space
In return for one mega bite
Of her internet entertaining love
And she
Looking from above
Floating in cyber space
Like an embryo possibility
She says,
Daisy does,
It is not me.
It could not be
And shuts the lights
From all those men ‘s eyes
Who realize
She’s right,
So right
For the part
They desparately
Need to cast
In haste;
Another human mistake,
She says.
Daisy does that final
Her cyber urn
And decides to live

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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