Elvis costello electreifies

I arrived early ĺlike a swiss…the swiss arrived sparodically in pairs or group taking over a row carrying plastic cups of beer.i carried water  
The box ticket lady recommended to go up stairs..i got a standing ticket thus forced to wander as the seated arrived late..the concert was supposed to start at 20.00 the stage was a large old fashioned t.v. from the 50’s showing clips of a young Elvis Costello playing with a band.
Two pretty young girls arrived at 19.30 on stage they said they were sisters from  Atlanta,Georgia..they carried electrical guitars..and played..one had quite a vocal range but i was not really interested ,i was nervously anticipating Elvis Costello.
At 20.03 there was movement both on stage and  all around me..the beer drinkers needed the bathroom..people were walking in and out carrying beer.. swiss do not small talk strangers and i was in my head thinking ..anticpating ..then a music shop was set up..all types of guitars,a grand piano..
Elvis finally arrived at 20.15.. dressed in black .short and friendly. He spoke a lot with humor. Northern England.Liverpool,Birmingham.
He described a musical tradition ib the family;his father was a singer who was no. 12 on a list with the Beatles playing no. 7 for the queen of England.
It was then that John Lennon made a joke about “some will applaud and some will rattle the jewlery”that had rattled the nation.
I was digging Elvis Costello
He sang a song he just finished writing while walking along the lake that afternoon,he was not just a performer;he had black and white photos of himself as a child,1950’s actresses,his father ,his grandgather who had played in a military band during WW1 and got shot and for everything he had a song he had written.
He was full of humorous stories,he even got the swiss chuckeling,he changed guitars,moved to the piano,he loved what he was doing and he would not leave the stage..
I regretted the phone battery died as he sang with a stage lit in red
“I want you”hitting just the right mesmorising notes..
A black and white video of his father singing “if i had a hammer”
for the queen of England showed a man who looked a clone of Elvis Costello.
“I was 4 inches taller so i carried the drums” Elvis recalled..
“Alison”was a trio with the sisters from Atlanta Georgia humming..
And the last song was a tribute to pasificsm “what’s so funny about peace and loving everyone”?
With the various guitars;electrical to spanish,Elvis showed not only talent and incredible energy that only seemed on the rise as the evening program  progressed ,he had quiet melodic moments at the piano.There was nothing he could not do musically,his slightly scretched bluesey voice hitting cords in the audience everywhere.
Elvis, true to his name ,gave it his all and he had a lot to give..
By the time Elvis got off stage for the last time i felt i have had enough energy expanding and left walking into the night deep in my thoughts swiss like introverted,the headphones on as i listened to a recorded song and his happy introduction with his North English liverpool charm ..he was a bit of Billy Joel and john Lennon and he was not Elvis,he was  a short English guy in black leather pants and a hat and he was the intimate story teller and was once again the little boy unlike other little boys in northern England who had waited for a father returning from a factory or office; he looked for his father behind the t.v…
He was all male and Northern England black  leather but then he mentioned the bad wind of Trump and tried to not step on the ladies toes and as he sang “she”black and white images of 1950’s film actresses appeared on the background even though he was all incredibly energetically ” he”.

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a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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