Sirus -part 1

“Sirus-the story of a little dog who changed the world  ”
   – by Jonathan crown
Translated  from German.
The story of a little dog who almost changed history .

It is easier to identify with animals especially dogs, almost every begger in the small  German city we visit has a dog.sometimes i offer dog food or treats  in order to
ensure the dog gets fed at least.
Why is it so much  easier  to identify  with dogs than human beings?Perhaps because not only are dogs easier to figure out,they seem to act out of heart felt good intentions and at the same time to adapt themselves to their owners’ chosen lifestyle.
I think one of the worse racial laws against the jews or anyone is not allowing them to keep pets.

Sirus is a terrier who survives an extermination of dogs with jewish names.
The racial laws enacted in Germany state that jews must change their names adding Israel to men and boys and sara to girls and women,the dog’s name is changed from Levi to sirus.

Interesting enough my dog had come from a swiss  dog shelter where some dogs had jewish names ,i changed my dog’s name to shellbee but mostly since her Hebrew name “Buba”means “doll”and i thought it might send the children the wrong message.

It is interesting how such an enlightened society like Germany that had so much tolerance towards jews and minorities could allow a racist leader to rule them and enact racist unjust  laws…but we could also ask the same thing about Donald Trump.

“Yes,Sirus,”says Liliencorn.”That’s his name now.We all have new names ,so the dog does too. Everyone has a mask in these macabre times.”

“He wanted to glance at Sirus and say:Ws are not animals to be divided into races,we are people.What gives you so-called Aryans the right to take the lives of us Jews?We are Germans.Just like you.”

The division of dogs to races probobly also inspired the division of human beings to races but what genetic qualities of hair color,skin color,hair color have to do with personality traits?

Sirus has learned to  make the Nazi salute but gets kicked blamed for mockery.
Jews are dismissed ,Mahler migrates,”Germany has become a barbaric country”

“Humans have been around for 160,000 years”,murnurs Liliencorn.”And yet it only took Hitler five to destroy humanity.”

Sirus witnesses” kristalnacht” when the businesses of jews and synagogues were set on fire.
The dog wants to attack the violent mob but first wishes to warn his family.
“Sirus  is sitting by the window.He looks out at the hell on earth and thinks :”Are those really humans?”

The family leaves and as each member of the family chooses a souvenir
“Sirus senses that this is a farewell to yesterday.Perhaps forevee.He slinks out of the house and runs off to the tree,his tree.
How does a dog say goodbye to a tree?He doesn’t know.
Sirus is sure he sees the tree bowing down softly.But perhaps it was just the wind.”

To be continued..

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