Talking to someone i should have been silent to

Me:Excuse me,i was busy writing ,  quickly posting a piece on my blog..
Man of my tribe  i just met with his young children and google phD wife.*
Man:oh,how many people read your blog.
Me:I just had a NEW SUBSCRIBER so i am very excited,205!( and i am happy to update to 208 as of today)
Man:oh,that’s not a lot..
Me:It is a lot more than would read my words  in  the drawer..
And each new person who subscribes to me MEANS A LOT TO ME.I am not commercial so for me every person matters!

I imagine this man did not have a very supportive feedback at home whenever he had accomplished something at school or kindergarden i can imagine a sour faced mother or father saying:
“IS that ALL?”
“You drew only THREE flowers?”
It reminds me of the joke of the little  boy who brings home his first report card;it is all low grades except for an “A”in singing ,to which the father says;
“With those kind of grades you still feel like singing?”
Why do some people find it so difficult to give praise and appreciation?
Learned behavior can also be unlearned .
This is a good opportunity to say;

I am very grateful to anyone who took time “to stop by” and read my words. I am also thrilled to “meet”so many wonderful writers
Online from all over our small blue planet.
Not only do our shared words and images CONNECT us and build bridges across the universe;like the Beatles song”hands across the water”but i am so happy i deleted my personal Facebook account leaving only a yoga community ,posting on Facebook would mean i am on the same page as terrorists or those posting hate messages generalizing whole populations while i am far from perfect,i think i have only expressed animosity to certain unmentionable politicians who wish to divide us. Lets not let them.

Peace,light and love

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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