Edward Hopper in my room

The young woman is just sitting on the bed,
Looking down.The room is so narrow she keeps
Her elbows tucked in ,resting,on her bare thighs,
As if that could help.”
     -larry Levis-“Edward Hopper ,”Hotel Room”,1931

“Usually it is night
but always there are windows.
And the green shades
in the rooms of small hotels
drawn halfway.
The carafe of water
On a heavy bureau.
And the woman
taking off her clothes.

The letter on the bed
beneath a picture of the ocean.
The yellow windows of the buildings.
Halfway through the afternoon
trees are drawn
to the edge of a field,and the light
in the rooms of houses by the sea
Is still
almost perfectly white.”
  -Lawrence Raab
“After Edward Hopper”

Reaction poem
Edward hopper ‘s sort of room,
A friendly hello
from an overpowering sun,
A pleasant smooth sea
but still so solitary
the white sheets speak
of a death
hotel rooms
Softening with stolen towels
And memories of swimming
in the waves like Virginia woolfe
Letting go of stones
but coming out

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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