Eli wiesel:Then and now




“When one writes about the holocauat,he does not write words,he struggles  with words because there are no words to describe what the victims felt when death was the norm and life was a miracle.”
  – Eli Wiesel

Eli wiesel was born to an orthodox Jewish family in a small town in an area that was Transilvania ,Romania,that in 1940 was annexed to Hungary ,then an ally of Nazi Germany.
In 1944 when Nazi Germany invaded Hungary, the relative peaceful existence of jews in Hungary was disturbed and the jews first were gathered in Ghettos then deported to Auschwitz.
Eli Wiesel’s family was divided ,his mother and younger sister were murdered almpst immediately while Eli and his father had been sent to first a work camp and then when the Russian army approached,the Nazis had sent the survivors to  Buchenwald camp in Germany in the death march during which time Eli Weisel’s father did not survive to see the liberation.
Eli Weisel was liberated in April,1945 ,a photo of him as a prisoner of the concentration camp became an icon photo of the tragedy of the holocaust.
Eli wiesel studied philosophy in the Sorbonne and taught Hebrew,became a journalist reporting to an Israeli newspaper ,moved to NYC ,and reported the Eichmann trial in 1961.
During the trial Eli Wiesel finally overcame the difficulty in finding words to describe what he had undergone and published his memories of the war in his book “night”.
Eventually Eli wiesel published more than 40 books ;many about ww2.
Not only did Eli Wiesel write but he taught for years at Boston University attracting thousands of listeners.
Eli Wiesel was an enthusiastic supporter of Israel and in 2010 published a large ad in “the washington post” declaring
“Jerusalem must remain the spiritual capitol of world jews -not a symbol of sorrow and bitternedd,but a symbol of trust and hope”
“I decided ,if i survive ,i can not just live for myself .What is the meaning of my life?I was taught that a human being has to ask himself every day whether he had sinned or not.Since then,every night i ask myself this question,even in the concentration camp.”
“I say to all the presidents;mmy foundation is one:morality. What is morality?how you treat others.”
   -Eli Wiesel
Eli Weisel did not criticise Israel political decisions in public  since he said “i don’t live in Israel.I have no right.”
Foundations helping Ethiopian jews were founded by Eli Wiesel and his wife and he spoke out for human rights in the international arena,calling for the end of slaughter in Rhuanda etc.

Eli Wiesel was always a role model for me as a voice of morality ,showing that even if one has been abused ,beaten,tortured,one still has a choice to act in a moral way.
I therefore choose to publish the drawings of HIllel Ariel ,the 13 year old girl who was slaughtered by a 17 year old Palestinian who broke into her room and stabbed her repeatedly to death while she layed in bed sleeping.
No,there is NEVER a justification for brutality or murder.
Hillel was like me and many others ,a vegeterian,choosing not to eat meat because she loved animals and could never harm a living being.she loved drawing animals.

Eli and Hillel

There is no
For hurting others,
Especially if you
had felt pain yourself
And we all feel pain
Who has not felt pain
While living this life?
But we can also choose
like Eli and Hillel
Not to kill
Not to harm
To love life
We can only judge
our own deeds
not other people’s
but to kill
is always wrong
unless it is to save
your own life,
So lets keep
questioning decisions,
not being sure of anything
but the dire need
to always try
to do good.

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