Sleepless in front of the Republican convention

It is considered normal to avoid suffering therefore i watched only one speech made by former  mayor Guilliani on behalf of Donald Trump;
In a nut shell :
Donald Trump is righteous man acting in hidden ways to help others BUT  i wanted to scream to my small youtube screen,
this righteous man in cognito IS OPENLY RACIST ,seeks to divide through idiotic tweeter messages and does not seem  to be able to discuss any issue without blaming someone from “the other side”
While Donald Trump’s side is pure light,”the other”is evil.
So ,well,correct me if i am wrong but i thought the American civil war was over for quite some time but i could be wrong,it wouldn’t be the first time i was wrong but then again i admit to having made one or two or more  mistakes while others,on the bright side of the moon,are as good as gold and will win “so big”
Just how big i can not find the courage to watch,it is like those horror films i look away from in order not to see the blood bath,call me sentimental but i don’t like to see suffering and seeing so many people salut the voice of division reminds me of Solomon’s trial and i can’t stand to see the baby divided..

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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