The swim challenge: day one ( water rat seagull )

Lower back pains brought on by too much mountaineering with a hyperactive Swiss mutt might have been the cause but in any rate, even yoga could not cure the pains, it felt like someone folded me in two..and so i headed to the local swimming pool for a water cure. 

A water rat is a  Swiss German term for someone who loves swimming in the water. 

First i must confess to being a water rat, i am a daughter of water rats and a mother of three water rats, was married to a water rat and only the dog hates water..she will only go near water to drink or to dip her paws on a very hot day. 

Family legend tells that i never did need swimming lessons, but at the age of two years more or less, i just jumped into the deep end of the swimming pool where my parents had been training regularly and began to swim dog paddle…no one thought to investigate the possibility of an olympic champion but i never did develop  competitive athletic ambitions…my sense of competition was limited to getting top grades in dictation , English, French , Biology and history, which demand a good memory, a blessing for school and a curse for human relations ( I NEVER FORGET ANYTHING ANYONE SAID OR DID EVER !) 

I approached the swimming pool skeptical and now , an hour later, and a head concussion , elbow pain later , i have 

  1. learned how to navigate myself in a public swimming pool while doing the back stroke, look for the red mark, or the ceiling for clues as to WHEN the pool ends to avoid getting your head hit , also make sure there is enough space.
  2. Body image has improved quite a lot since comparing myself to the other people in the swimming pool, not TOO fat, not TOO thin, with a swimming suit that covers most of those bits that tend to stick out i am happy with what nature has provided and i have made some effort to maintain. Thank you universe!!
  3. 15 laps in an olympic swimming pool in half an hour may not be a new world record but for water rats with lower back pain-quite an achievement , considering i was unable to walk without pain..
  4. Future goals: Gradually work myself up to 20, 30 laps.
  5. Continue to feel great swimming !!
  6. The temperature of the water is 28 °C, must better than the local lake and since the water is heavy rain, i am glad to be a water rat swimming in warm water.



About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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