Ed wood – on the last rainy night of July

“Visions are worth fighting for” 

one is always considered mad when one discovers something that others cannot grasp” 

People chained by monotony , afraid to think , clinging to certainties ..they live like ants. ” 

Bela Lugosi

Mr. Lugosi,why are you buying a coffin?

I’m planning on dying soon.” 

Nobody will ever notice that. Film making is  not about the little details, it is about the big picture “

We are all interested in the future for that is where you and i are going to spend the rest of our lives.” 

Really? the worst film you ever saw? well, my next one will be better” 


It’s a rainy day in July so where is a seagull and a dog going to go to break the monotony of a sunday?

Carrying my backgammon set, after a meeting with friends and son , i found myself reading about “Ed Wood” and the name Tim Burton meant not walking out of the dark cinema the same way you walk in it. It is a transformation only a transvestite film maker in the 1950’s can help . 

The film deals with issues that make headlines in the USA; the transgenders , and the religious fanatics, and how everything comes together .

The struggles of Ed Wood, a real director whose life is the basis for this film , are portrayed by the genius of Johnny Depp who has a talent to go into a character and live it and bring it to the screen in a way that helps transform those who watch his performances. 

The film follows the struggles of Ed Wood to finance his films , then a ridiculous sum compared to how much it costs to make a film nowadays, and especially in Hollywood, but still a lot of money, then the legendary Hungarian actor Bela lugosi’s life story gets woven into Ed Wood’s life, and Hillary Clinton’s claim that it takes a village is verified as a group of mad people, outcasts , unite to realize Ed Wood’s visions. 

My absolute favourite scene is when Ed Wood convinces the gang to get baptised so that the church will sponsor the horror film …they meet in a swimming pool and the homosexual who seeks to have a sex change operation has to renounce satan and go under the water, and so do the rest of the gang as the Baptists realise their own vision in order to sponsor Ed’s film.

There is a connection between christianity and horror films, the ghosts after all are a product of a Christian world and yet somehow Jewish film producers and directors and actors seem to be connected to Hollywood forgetting that there are so many others that got involved and at least Jews never demand a conversion in return for sponsoring films ..

This film was exactly what i needed to rattle my cage on a rainy last night of July as we step gingerly into August , and life continues as we envision it to be, whatever is in the mind will be in reality and reality will be whatever is in the mind and only the imagination will limit what will be. 

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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