Watch “Dad of fallen Muslim soldier’s powerful DNC speech (Khizr Khan full speech)” on YouTube

Dear mr. Khan,
At first like so many people all over the world i was applauding the courage of your conviction and your words refusing the generalized hate towards one group but then i thought about the contradiction between freedom of worship and how religion is used to divide people into believers and nonbelievers,followers and nonfollowers and i thought about how throughout Europe so many Moslems live in isolated communities within  European countries they detest,raising childen who feel alienated towards the countries in which they were born and raised and schooled so much that they turn to mosques where too many religous leaders tell them to hate people who are not like them,to look down at people who do not worship the way they do and all those religious leaders say what they say amd teach and preach for division and hate towards the countries that gave them the legal right to say anything also in the USA under the constitution you appreciate so much.
No mr Khan Donald Trump is not the enemy but those radical Moslems who destroy every Moslem community and country in the world and recruit boys and men and women who lack the strength of character and integrity of your dear deceased son.
Your son grew up with values of humanity and compassion that are most probobly due to you and your dear wife’s  example at home as role models but you can not blame Europeans who fear going into certain neighberhoods in their native lands where their politicians welcomed refugees and now even the local police fear going.
No mr Khan you can not blame Americans who fear ISIS recruiting American born Moslems who are not as strong of a character and who do not have the beautiful loving family you have raised your deceased son to learn to be a loving being.
Mr. Khan you who love the American constitution can not turn a blind eye to the danger of radical Islam brought about by those not fortunate to have had role models like you at home.
Mr. Khan you can not blame Americans who are angered by the radical Islam abusing the freedom giving by the constitution for fearing this abuse of liberty and freedom of religious practice and you can not blame Donald Trump for speaking from a weak mind and character abusing the memory of your son and those sent to fight radical Islam that has opened branches right there on American soil.
Mr. Khan it is time you stop speaking and recruiting for politicians who send brave idealistic men and women to fight radical Islam ISIS and do not admit to the lack of solutions as long as the constitution and freedom allowed in the free world is abused by the very monsters who had murdered your brave son.
If you want to protect America and the values your son died trying to defend first speak to your community and Moslems and urge them to recruit their voices not against the fear Donald Trump speaks but against the abuse of a free society to recruit for ISIS in free societies.
The constitution is man made laws that are easily abused but if you believe like me that life on earth,our shared earth,is sacred please demand the politicians make sure they focus on working to fight radical Islam ISIS at home as well as in your former country and understand that ignoring the real threat of terror whether in Afganistan,Pakistan,Tunis,Nice,Paris,Tel Aviv  or Orlando is not going to save the free world from the enemy your dear deceased son fought.

Please focus on combating recruitment to ISIS on social media ,mosques and communities everywhere the weak can be found and abused for violence.

And love

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