Kafka and me

Franz kafka said he would have liked to have put them in a sock drawer and closed the drawer and check if they are still breathing,
And i constantly find them tribe’s members ,especially women,specifically from east Europe who to every idea or plan just shoot me down or try their best to make me feel like i am the greatest disappointment they have known and how they did better.
They have successful children who work hard being professors and it is of course all thanks to their hard work..
I don’t want to dislike them but how can you like them??
Knowing everything better
All i know is that i have realized i prefer the company of trees to people who remind me how impossible it is to love judgemental hateful beings who are so convinced there is a right way ,theirs,and a wrong way,yours.. but then whenever i did have a meeting with someone almost always male ,it is too often a celebration of common known songs ,of jokes i start and he can finish and when we laugh together there is a moment of hope till he gets a call to go home.

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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