August 9th:Witch’s finger experiment


On this day Michaelangels’s image of God’s finger touching Adam’s was revealed as the Sistine chapel in Rome in 1483. 

Meditation with the Magic card of the Tarot deck 

“365 Tarot spells” by sasha Grahamimages-5


The magician card

potted plant or flower

Method :

Try this experiment to see how effectively you channel energy.

The Magician card points his finger to the heaves to channel energy down.

Place the Magician card. Enter the card, stand as the Magician . You are a powerful conduit of energy.

Find the epicentre of your personal energy.

Where does the core of your energy reside Today ?

What physical place in your body?

The belly? the base of your spine?

Seek to locate your unique energetic center.

Feel your energy growing in a ball of yellow positive energy. Matching the color of the card.

Raise the energy up and feel it moving through our arm.

When you feel ready, point the finger at your plant or flower and repeat the following  incantation :

“Take my energy 

Grow and thrive

with my love 

you come alive !”

perform this act a few times a week. See if there’s any noticeable differences using your index finger .

Yoga path: 

For the magician i chose the Hero or warrior pose, that has three different stages

Focus on a point on the horizon and stand with your arms extended. 

In summer it is ideal to practice this asana in nature, looking at a point at the horizon. 





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