Meteor shower: message of love spell

10th of August

Today, the 10th of August ,  marks the approximate height of the Perseid meteor shower visible across the Northern Hemisphere, making the nights of August excellent for shooting star gazing.

Incantation :

Across the universe

and night sky

thoughts to you

from me to fly

violent night and Meteor’s bright

Desire me

And soon reunite





  1. Card representing you
  2. Card representing them
  3. Eight of wands

Native American tribes once thought shooting stars were made of lunar material and called them “children of the moon” 

This spell must be performed at night. You will deal the spell by writing a message in the air with a sparkler .

Lay the card representing you and them upon the table. Recall the powerful sorceress that you are . Feel the emotion and intention that you are sending. See the other person very clearly in your mind’s eye. Lay the eight of wands down to direct the path of energy like a road map. Imagine this person -where they are and what they are doing. 

Begin rubbing your palms together and feel the friction of energy created. Continue and focus on what you want to send them. When you are ready pull your hands apart; you will feel the heat and energy. Place this energy over the Eighth of wands and feel it shooting out to them, falling all around them. State your message out loud. 

Go outside light sparkler. write your message to them in the inky black air. When you are done. Lie back and look to the sky. should you see a falling star. know your message of love was delivered. eight_wands.jpg


The hero asana or warrior while focusing your gaze at the stars, if you don’t have access to the view of the sky at night, step outside and find a place in nature to practice this asana while looking at the night sky. 


About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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