In lieu of a better explaination

A scorpion once asked a  sea turtle to give it a ride across the great ocean.
“But you will surely sting me and i will die” the turtle rejected  the request.
However the scorpion had insisted it will behave and not act as the turtle predicted.
The turtle finally sumitted to the scorpion’s pleading and agreed to trust the scorpion not to sting and carry it across the great ocean on its back.
However half way across  the great  ocean ,
the scorpion went back on his word and stung the sea turtle.
As the turtle sank  to the bottom of the ocean  agonizing with pain  dying it asked the scorpian
why it had gone back on his word and  stung him?
The scorpian simply said
“Because it is in my nature”

Why does a person choose to behave in a certain  predictable way and another person in another predictable path?
habits,set ideas,a belief system , repeatedly practiced habitual behavior also known as the core of personality.
we are our life choices and then the sum of  our life choice,as Albert Camus wrote,become our life or in the turtle and scorpion tale, death.

A man and woman meet.
It is his nature to lie and present himself other than who is truly is ;he presents himself as an honorable educated clever  gentleman who is concerned with the fate of the world and its inhabitants. He is employed in si called higher education but then he meets a woman who is who she claims to be,pretending to be nothing other than caring,easily upset by acts of injustice especially towards the weak of society.
She may not always practice what she preaches but one day the man exposes himself in more ways than one,displaying a fondness of public perversions on virtual cyber space or fondness of taking advantage of a  position of power by gaining favors from young inexperienced  relatively powerless women in the work place or just lying or hiding his intentions in order to gain favors with gullible women .

The woman unable to accept the discrepency between the first attempt to cleverly deny and hide the man’s shadow side and the exposed new reality or the scorpion’s sting of her illusionary image of the man ,exposes the lying deceitful man to his superiors only to discover they are not his moral superiors.

Why did the woman  choose to first  risk the sting of the scorpion then expose the hidden scorpian nature and put an emd to the “mask ball” of pretended identity and false intentions ?
For the same reason a scorpion stings.
It is in his nature.
It is in her nature.
The coclusion seems spoonfed easy but the human mind is anything but easy to decipher or operate in a predictable fashion.

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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