correction to earlier writing


I did not research enough
and published falsely that Tisha be Av,the day of mourning of the two  Jewish temples in Jerusalem  is Monday it is Sunday.
I realize i have disconnected from calenders and religion
focused on building the third temple within my soul.
It still means struggling though not a political struggle .
To build a place of worship within your soul is the most difficult struggle.;
there are no Rabbis to approve it
no ten jewish men needed to pray
but i have to approve of myself
and to pray alone is the most difficult task.
To constantly correct yourself
to admit mistakes
might be the basis for every sacred place.
To forgive yourself your human weakness
and the inclination to be lazy and hazy
to allow yourself mistakes
and yet to not hate
that must be the foundation
of the temple i will build
within my soul
once i dig it out
from amongst the ruins
of criticsm
and devaluation
but it will be build
though the power of spirit
and the energy of the heart.
It will be a sacred place
allowing anyone
and yet only me
at the same time.
a living contradiction
a dictation of poetry
flowing continualy
through veins
of courage
to know.

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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