It should not have gone so far

“there is no angel without a past or a sinner without hope.”

They are intelligent and educated and yet look at all the ties and jackets in every international meeting of world leaders .
where are the women leaders?
why didn’t Michelle Obama run for president instead of parade around in pretty arm exposing dresses?
why is an intelligent articulate woman even competing with a sterotypical macho man with less verbal skills and certainly education and cognitive abilities?
what do people find so attractive in men as leaders simply because they are male?
I like men who are ssnsitive and kind and intuitive and not afraid of showing emotions but those types of men do not seem to win elections,the men who don’t want wars.
If there is a more intelligent sensitive man he gets blamed for being a coward and encouraging terror but terror does not need encouragement,it gets enthusiastic through being challenged for another round of war and another.
What is it about macho men ,without mentioning names that gets them elected and makes them so popular as if we are casting roles for an action movie rather than a documentary how not to destroy more of the planet and its inhabitants.

Hillary has always known she could do the job so she made mistakes and lets ask who in politics has not made mistakes? and why Bernie sanders beefy but educated phD. agreed to be the woman behind the elderly man trying to make a difference?
Why don’t more women try to run for office when not only are they oftentimes  more qualified and intelligent but they just don’t fit the image of what people expect of the president:a white male married to a lady in high heels and floral dresses.
why has it gone so far this obsession with males and when are famales going to take over all those positions of decision making instead of settling for the role of a decorative  plant ?a social organizer?a party planner?a fashion icon?a blow up doll?
why is Jesus a bearded guy and madonna a minor figurine?
why is Moses the leader and his sister a campaign manager ?
why is Mohamad making all those women cover up while he can walk around in a t shirt and sandels?
why is the pope always a man
and the Dali Lama and yoga gurus when most women are more intelligent and more flexible?
why are most religious leaders male?
why did it get this far?

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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