30 attend stranger’s funeral in New York – Arutz Sheva

Thoughts about  the elderly and death:
Elenor Rigby story
she lived alone ,never had children but she lived in a society,and even taught in one of the most well known music schools.
where are the faculty members?the students she taught?
Personally i grow cynical when i consider how little funerals seem to mean and yet the funeral ceremony like the wedding ceremony is not for the ones who are the focus;dead people do not know any better ,as far as science proves,but the living have an opportunity to express respect even to a person they did not know.
Judaism demands a certain number of men for a prayer for this exact reason:to unite people in a responsibility for one another.
I would like to believe again in the power of community so for the thirty people who showed up for the funeral of a person they did not know,it was an opportunity to do  a good deed,the woman’s memory will not die with a rabbi and a funeral home director,those thirty people will talk about this experience and so her memory will live on to teach people to care more about others .
what  a wonderful lesson taught by a dead teacher!

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