Familiarity of cults

It occured to me while watching an Amerivan  cult expert explIn how cults work that a lot of families work like that too:
1)An autboritarian figure most often a father but could be a mother is NEVER to be questioned or doubted.God like.

2)The child is always to blame,because the parent is NEVER wrong.

3)The children raised to obey the all powerful parent have few skills to function outside the family cult and if they choose to distant themselves they can never return to the suffocating nest.

4)There are political and social systems that model themselves after disfunctional families;because the weak child believing themselves powerless is such an easy target for manipulation.

5)Why would parents raise weak helpless children on purpose?The goal is to feel in control with no thought as to the future consequences of this behavior.

This is how the current American presidential election works;the all powerful father figure of Donald Trump will take care of you  and protect you from cheaters like the  Clintons.

While the Clintons may very well be criminally dishonest manipulators they do not act upon the subconscious abused child of cult mechanism Donald Trump and his clan target.

Daddy said i could be anything so i decided to do exactly the same work he does,is what one hears again and again from the Trump children.
I could understand a poor family with little financial means having everyone run the family  grocery store or run the farm together but a family of very wealthy people who all dream of working in deal estate just like daddy sounds more like a cult.

It is a different matter when there are common values but just how inspiring is it to make money from tenants who have less possibilities financially than the landlord?

I ask myself just how gullible people are when they join a political cult becoming so easily upset when questioned.

Though i want to move foreward  i wonder what is it about families that are not cults that makes them less popular than authority based families where there is little choice.

Is it a character trait of certain tribes not to question while others can not understand not questioning.

Yes control must feel good but if the price is crushing those underneath,then what is the satisfaction or are those in control most likely Psychopaths?

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