Teaching and learning

She was one of the worst pupils in the class,not curious,never asking questions then after we had graduated from high school she went to a teachers seminar and specialized in teaching elementary  school children nature or biology.

she was not stupid just not intellectually curious.
when i took her to watch a foreign film from Sweden ,she was clearly bored and expressed fraustration as to when will the “action” begin.

I kept wondering why we were friends,i who had read “Scientific American” at the age she read gossip magazines.

Years passed,she has been a teacher in the elementary school system for years,always showing up never missing class,she was the classic turtle.She started  her children thanks to an anonymous  sperm bank donation from kind computer men.Nothing stopped her but as the school year starts and i struggle with my inquisitive intellect to fit into a foreign school system ,the weight of my academic degrees taught by the most ambitiously intellectual professors,i consider who had taught my children,fathered by a complicated figure not an easy anonymous transaction,as i wonder about the future of education i am thankful to have lived at a time when the teaching profession was not a haven for the slow minds with little other idea of what to do but a few smart teachers managed to inspire me to read ,question and improve my mind. I learned biology high school from a former cancer researcher while my then lazy friend memorized facts from a sociology book.I practiced constructing lab conditions testing theories,phrasing theories, i collected animals and studied them but it will be her ,the slow student at the back seat at high school who will be teaching young learners which is fine because most academics will not be happy to earn the pay Israel pays its teachers.
Not only in Israel but in other countries too teaching has become the profession of those who do not know any better.

If a child can get past the slow teachers at the early years they might have an opportunity to be inspired by thinkers.

Why was i friends with a slow dull girl ?The genuises tired me out sometimes and i was not good at everything,i thought i could learn how to accept faults from her,how not to criticise too much.I was right but years later i prefer to be  overly analyzed and criticised than misunderstood and viewed as “odd”by her and conventional thinkers like her.
While she continues to see the world through her simple thoughts,i sometimes suffer thinking too much,not tolerating shallow easy “fun”but somehow i took the more difficult path,one of confusion and trials,life for her was an injection.For me it was an experiment. still is.

I am who i am ,i ask questions but now i find that while not all the answers can be found in books,i prefer text books to hard core reality.
Just the way it is.Learning to accept our differences is also an important life lesson.

so i choose Charles Dickins instead of the slow girl .she could probobly teach me some life skills but the mutual scorn is not worth it.I cut the strings to our mutual past in school light years away.
let her teach future petri dishes,i will teach myself and my children will have to choose between temporary stupidity and unpredictable spaceships.

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