The secret life of pets

You spend a pet less evening in the reduced price Monday night cinema.
The nearest cinema offers few choices in English

An action film celebrating violence is not what the yogi mind needs so the other option if you want to hear English on the big screen near home is  a film you never thought you would see without the company of young children who were once your own guides to the essential things in life;like brotherly sisterly love.

So you enter a completely empty screening area. Slowly as your brain is bombarded by commercials for local  beer and more cinema in animation some people appear;couples where the woman dog less cat less child less tries to change her partner’s mind or maybe they just do not have the time as in the case of the nice young couple sitting next to me who unlike my three train stops came from far  from their home but near the man’s work place to watch an animation film in English.

The laughter begins in the commercial  animation before the film.

By  the  time the film begins my mind feels cluttered by high pitched sounds of cute  fluffy animation figures from a film about  trolls.

Animated New York !
The time:could be any era.The 1950’s …

No corrupt politicians,no signs of Weiner’s genitalia ,sex texting,instinctual addictions,alcoholism,political corruption,or violence.

The pets are sweet loving unconditionally like  Eastern religions or biblical sect members.

But one can not have a film without some drama..

A dog and his human are happy then the human adopts  a large irritating shelter dog that takes over territory,food,breathing space  from the former pet,the voice of C.K. Lewis, just your average  nice guy.

Life offers lessons .

The league of abandoned pets is led by a fierce white bunny who sounds like an African american somehow.He used to be a magician’s rabbit but then found himself without a home or social security. Being  a pet in America is like being an American . No security. No health care.

The handicapped Basset hound  leads the social misfits in  a search for the lost dogs.

The bad guys are the animal control unit.
The good guys are the pets and the bad pets turn out to be good guys too. Spoilers alert but easily concluded because the film declared slogan must be George Orwell’s

“Two leggs bad
Four leggs(and more)good”

The pet owners are good but unaware of the secret life of pets what goes on while they work to provide an expensive Manhatten roof over the four legged  and winged pets heads .

I can only wish more pets will be adopted from shelters or at least not recycled back into the shelter mechanism.

Pets give so much for so little to so many,they really should run for office and i bet they would be far better candidates witha clear focus on loyalty to their humans.

Returning home in the drizzle of rain wolf howls greeted me.

Sometimes pets go far beyond to display their affection.

Lets hope for peace light and love with our pets and no letters from complaining neighbors.

A good escape of  the Weiner media world to a different sort of  sausage world where cuddling next to a beloved human is all one needs and satisfaction is a warm puppy offline .Pets have not learned to text yet.lets treasure this precious secret  pet life.

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