hope and hypocricy and hope


I am Trying so hard to be more positive but as i lay low reading the news,i feel my blood pressure rise.
1.Black lives matter identifies with the palestinian leadership,Hamas,that not only refuses to release an Ethiopian Israeli who crossed the border while in a personal turmoil,they stand for racist and fascist ideals using violence yet the image of the poor palestinian peasant sticks rather than poor oppressed palestinian public ignorant to be educated and really,just how can any society make progress when they begin at an early age to brainwash very young children to sterotype and justify jews and other ethnic  different group.

2.The U.S presidential  election exposes a dire need to reform asap the system;how did this huge powerful nation end up with a corrupt liar versus a neo nazi clown as candidates?
Meanwhile in the middle east,
Israel’s newest poll reveal that the Israeli party “yesh atid”,”there is a future”,might take over!This party led by handsome Yair Lapid is left leaning but basically unites secular Israeli sick and tired of ultra orthodox shariya law politicians threatening with more religious laws while the clear majority of Israelis are secular and liberal.The next large party is still “the likud”,led by king Nethanyahu,a tough thick skinned politician who does not care who hates him,it was the likud that brought the peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan,not the left labor who only brought disasterous Oslo agreement that led nowhere.

Israel despite seeming conservative is at a far better position than US that is still in the civil war..Israel embraces secular sanity while US moves next to god and Donald Trump now quotes the bible he reads on shabbat,saturday.
Yes ,Israel is 15 minutes away from ISIS,Jerusalem is a scary western movie but politically new parties forge ahead and there is change while US stagnates with the same old slogans of macho/racist /mad religious ideals.And the KKK is waiting like a snake to come out ..

So yes,change is possible but like the joke about how many people does it take to change a light bulb in california,only one but it really has got to want to change.

Israeli soccer team is greeted with Nazi flags and swastikas in Italy and no one is arrested.
A mayor of a major Israeli city is in jail for misconduct  and yes she is a blond around Hillary Clinton’s age..but as an anonymous Egyptian wrote to a Moslem reformist,at least Israel arrests those accused of corruption,a lesson to many in the world.
The last item are 300,000 Ukranian jews stuck in a war zone in grave danger,200 just arrived in Israel,and tell horrible stories of violence and uncertainty and yet no one mentions Ukraine in the news these days ….and president Obama preaches for multiculturism but Ukraine is over run by Russian soldiers unstopped by the EU,UN or US.

Lately Donald Trump is friends with God,i wont be surprised if the pope tells him he is an angel too like he told KGB agent  Palestinian puppet Abbas who had written a phD in Russia blaming zionism for the murder of one million jews,the other five disappeared and yet he received a phD in holocaust denial and distortion.

For the most part the world is mad and stuck in a disfunctional place but it is good to know that in Israel the secular majority refuses to be sheep led to shariya law.

God is only as good as the people supporting it.
If God tells you to segregate people like socks in the wash according to color/ethnic origin ,he can not be called merciful or creative or even nice..

Progress is a choice but possible even next to slaughter IsIS and fanatic forces.

yes,it also gives me hope to read the news

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