How Prague betrayed Franz Kafka – Arutz Sheva

If you mention the fact that Franz Kafka’s  sisters had been murdered by the Nazis in concentration camps to a European  it seems as though you are being rude these days but to help a terrorist organization that wishes to destroy a country because it dares to occupy a fraction of a percent of the tyrant middle east intellectual desert seems noble in the eyes of the common European,how absurd!

Yes,F.Kafka was the exposer of hypocricy but still Prague sells him the way Van Gaugh is sold by the Dutch even though he  had suffered rejection by Dutch society ,this is the way of Europe but perhaps if we see the great  cathedrals built to celebrate a crucified God ,we become to realize that a culture worshipping death can not be asked to respect life givers as artists are but their crucified did say;”and the truth shall set you free”but to be free is too much of a responsibility to certain values so people prefer chains of hypocricy instead.

I can not wait for President Abbas of the palestinian  people  to claim F. Kafka is really a Palestinian as he claimed Jesus was,and when a man earns a phD. for a thesis denying the death of five million jews in the holocaust ,claiming only one million jews were murdered and even those blamed on  PM Netbanyahu,the eternal scapegoat,then any absurdity is possible.

The joke is my Czechoslovakian born grandparents  had only one passport after having had to give up their Czechoslovakian citizenship when they left in 1941,yes,my grandparents never travelled outside of Israel so only had one passport ,a Palestinian passport so maybe Kafka too would have been Palestinian had he emigrated to Israel when under the rule of the British and then called Palestine.
Life’s absurdities never cease to surprise and amaze me.

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