accepting rejections

life offers you
pretty packages
wrapped with
what seems to be
silk ribbons
then tells you;
“you can’t have this”
much later,
whatever does not want you
seems more attractive,
more beautiful.
shining in a thousand rays of
a sun
broken ny a prisim
into its very compenents;
colors of
infra red to ultra violet
sending a familiar message;
“you can’t have this.”
and what you can have,
you don’t want
but then please step out
rise from that thick blanket
of suffocating  habits
kafka’s coughing cow like
and reject this reality
created and built by foundations
of lack and loss and doubt,
seek out the world covered
by snow,
meet an old man beyond wanting,
see beyond personal desires
towards a new horizon
of infinite possibiliies to behold
and never keep.
stop hunting down deer,
just stand at the edge of a forest
watch them disappear!

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About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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