The Charlotte Protests, Peaceful and Violent, in Photos – The New York Times

While President Obama talks in the UN how other people should make peace,
In US there is a war
between men and women in uniform and men and women not in uniform profiled as criminals.
The Fried chicken terrorist
declares alligiance to the united radical Islam terrorists but does not even get arrested before planting bombs and meanwhile the old wounds of the civil war bleed.
There is no Dr. Martin Luther king jr. to march with the people with a vision of peace
and riots breaking into stores
only increase the gap
between people born to be framed
and the people in uniform
shooting those they decide are a threat
with arms raised high above ,
the people in police uniform
are above the law that says everyone is equal.
President obama speaks at the united nations about peace
but his united states are at a state of war
terrorists are allowed to thrive
and African Americans are targeted for being born dark
in a land where there is light
and there is no one to point out what is right.

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