25.9.worth mentioning writers

Born today:
1897:William Faulkner(“The sound and the fury”,”As i lay dying”
New Albany,Miss.USA.
1930:Shel Silverstein (“where the sidewalk ends”,”A light in the attic”,”The giving tree”) Chicago,USA.

1970 Erich Maria Remarque -“All quiet on the western front”.72,Locarno,Switzerland.

walter Benjamin,a brilliant German Jewish essayist found himself   in exile since 1932 in  what became occupied France .
Benjamin joined the flood of refugees heading to the south of France ahead of the Nazi invasion in September 1940 though his papers were not quite in order, he tried to cross the spanish border on his way to America.
The story of his death pieced together speculates that fearing he would be sent back to Nazi occupied France,he took enoigh morphine to kill himself.
“In a situation with no way out,i have no choice but to end it.My life will finish in a little village in the Pyrenees where no one knows me”, he is said to have written on a postcard to a friend on this night. “There is not enough time to write all the letters i wanted to write.”
who would you wrote your final letters to ?

And a point of light after the dark;
Tomorrow is T.S.Eliot’s Birthday!!!!

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