Obama, Clintons Among World Leaders to Attend Shimon Peres’ Funeral in Israel – Israel News – Haaretz.com

The list of those attending the funeral is impressive ;
heads of states,presidents,the prince of England and the queen and Prime minister of Holland,Jordan and Egypt might send representatives but the Palestinians are not showing signs ,their repressing represenative used the occasion to score more bitter points emphasising how the  peace process has been buried..even  one of the Swiss head of parlimen,the German president,some African nations,all will be attending the burial ceremony of a 93 year old Israeli jew buried in mount Herzel next to the founders of the state of Israel,this was the last surviving of the era of the pioneer founding fathers,the mount Rushmore is now officially beneath tombs ,returned to the earth where they had gathered what was left of the Jewish nation after a third was murdered in Europe.
All those leaders will be gathering a skullcap on their heads standing together united in honoring the former president of Israel,the nobel peace prize winner for a peace that never took place.
president obama also won a peace prize for a peace that never took place.
I read the list of all those powerful leaders of nations whose media is more likely to denounce and demonize Israel ,criticise and threaten with one sided recognition of a palestinian state that is morally a must but practically a disaster!
As the world leaders gather to honor an Israeli leader of a nation that struggles for not only recognition but  suffers the most disgraceful acts of racist hate whether banning israeli products or expressing judgemental negative opinions  casting doubt on Israel’s legitimate right to exist or even recognizing  Israel’s capitol as Jerusalem ,archeological evidence mounting sky high of a jewish state there thousands of years before most of European civilized tribes were out of their caves or able to write on tablets.
The words of the  former PM Golda Meir echo in my mind “We prefer your condamnations than your condolences”
I think of the day to day struggle of the Israeli representative in the UN as disproportional amounts of condamnations pile up while tje slaughter of President Assad reaches new  heartbreaking lows with millions of refugees fleeing collapsing bombed buildings in Syria in Iraq while the UN and the representatives of those so called enlightened nations focus on another few centimeters of sand between Israel and the feuding Moslem brothers.

I think of what so many suicidal people dream of ,being honored and respected after a life of humilation and social  isolation and misunderstanding and i think how so many world leaders who condamn and criticise my tiny microscopic struggling  democracy dare to attend a funeral in Jerusalem whom many failed to recognize as Israel’s capitol ,to honor a man who worked on a peace treaty with a terrorist who never failed to continue the policy of incitement and racist hate and encourage young Palestinians to bury their possible future and die while killing others.
I think of the hell life in israel became after the so called peace process and as a person who values peace above all,i keep asking myself who should be honored?
In an ideal world Israel would not be shamed and demonized and have to send its youth to fight blood thirsty incited masses chanting death slogans,in an ideal world all those world leaders of so called enlightened nations would honor the living and denounce the death machines of the middle east but it seems it is easier to bury a dead dream than to honor and respect a living speaker determined to survive no matter what.
Having attended more Jewish funerals than weddings,having buried every adult whom had raised me up ,i find funerals unnecessary.
I am with the Tibetians on  turning your back on death and hoping that one form of  life indeed returns in another form of life and so i hope  former President amd peace maker  Peres will someday return as an Israeli jew or Moslem or Christian or Buddhist living without honors or peace prizes anonymously in a true state of peace.The sort of peace only the dead know in the blood drenched earth of the middle east.

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