My head

So many ideas
so many feelings
mix and mingle:
lack of trust
and hope
is what it is
i need
to live today
to believe
life will be better
and the pain of the past
even as a good man
who tried his best
and had to trust
the good things
will soon
come to be,
if we learn
how to see!

Shimon Peres,buried in a funeral today attended by dignitaries from all over the world;UN,EU,leaders and royalty and people as simple as me could hear how Shimon peres never ceased to plan a better brighter tomorrow for all future generations in the middle east.
Shimon Peres donated his cornea and even planned the song to be sung in his funeral ,”Our father,our king”-a Jewish new year song and it was as though he planned his death too,to die before the new Jewish year ,leaving  thoughts and deeds for hope for  a new year of the  technology and science he embraced and the faith he never left.
I feel i failed to learn too long but now i feel i got it
at last!

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About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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