Watch “‪Barbra Streisand sings Avinu Malkeinu & People for Shimon Peres 90 birthday‬‏” on YouTube

Simon Peres,in blessed memory,
three years ago ,during celebration of his 90th year sitting  next to Bill Clinton while Barbara streisand sings a prayer for the Jewish new year:”G-d our father bring us a  good new year .”

Simon Peres is being layed to peace with leaders from all over the world flocking to Jerusalem ;
Swiss parliment  chief,Germany’s Angela Merkel ,British, Prince,Dutch queen,Bill Clinton,EU parliment president ,African nations,Egypt and Jordan ministers,Palestinian president Abbas,and many others come to pay their respect.

Despite the failed peace agreement,no one came closer towards ending one conflict in the middle east and maybe this funeral will bring together those leaders paying Simon Peres final respect.

I just wanted to add that i have only voted twice in my life;once for a woman feminist left wing ,Shulamit Aloni ,and once for PM Yitchak Rabin in his final days in office and in earth.

May Simon Peres rest in peace and perhaps send it down to earth at last!

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