Watch “Depression: The Object Relations View (part 11 of mini-video series)” on YouTube

Therapy can be a release but sadly ,excuse the pun,it seems to me mostly a release of money by therapists who do not have the best interest of the patient or client.
Releasing pent up emotions can also take place through the creative process though not always an aware process.
Non judging safe space is crucial and good luck finding a therapist who can offer that!
The process of training therapist does not destroy “the ego”quite the opposite. It empowers people to see themselves as experts on the matter of souls but can therapists be experts on soul matter?And what about learning not to treat others as objects?
This therapist seems genuine and kind as well as intelligent but i can imagine only those who can afford to invest a few thousand dollars can afford to see her on a regular basis .
I compare her to online therapy experts and find her in the more exclusive category of actually knowing what she is talking about.
I can imagine a lot of people look foreward to her warm cat socks couch sessions and fortunately youtube offers her for free.
Maybe it is the familiar tribial way of speaking,but this is one more free “thing” that everyone can afford and hopefully many can learn more about their confusion through her clarity.

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