Watch “Swami Niranjanananda on “Sivananda Yoga” – ‘Serve Love Give'” on YouTube

My seeker path had let me to the teachings of swami sivananda and i had often enjoyed the talks given by teachers and benefitted from the patience and kindness.
Although i am a certified sivananda yoga teacher and very content with the method ,still
I had doubts about this path too as i do about most matters and yet it does seem to me that without “serve,love ,purify”
there is not much sense in avoiding the pain of ignorance.
The west neglects to guide towards a friendly relationship between body and mind.
Yoga shows the path that should not contradict other belief systems ,on the contrary,it ought to strengthen the true  faith in the eternal soul.

peace,light and love!

Thanks you dear Tashi for sending me this wonderful talk i hope others will enjoy as well!!!

Om shanti!

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