yesterday’s gone

“yesterday’s gone and all i want is a smile”
  -Neil Diamond “The jazz singer”

what was it
that  left our boat
the roles cast
was where
we went all,
you see;
i  wanted to play
“the jazz singer”
not the admiring
back up girl,
i wanted center stage
not back stage
but we were both
competing for
the  leading male part
and maybe
i did not have  it
in my  heart
to play the girl
in the back,
and maybe
i ended up playing
the part
out of a lack
of ambition
or imagination
that i could play
the guy,
have the baby,
and be the old
jewish man
all at the same time.
Maybe i am just
a one man show
and i just look
like i am not.
Maybe instead
of being a parent
i just  wanted to
transcend gender
which is where yoga
came in,
to erase all the roles
we play,
the price we pay
for fake.
But that was
and today
i  place the soul
on center stage
and one day
we will achieve
eternal life
but maybe  next time,
will end up a rock,
and i
somewhere above.

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About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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