Celebrating Genocide – Christopher Columbus’ Invasion of America | Wake Up World

I have always felt a bond to the native Americans.
My best friend as a  young teenager in Queens,N.Y.C was a daughter of a native american mother from a tribe in upstate New York.
Then i named my first born daughter after a native American princess,daughter of the stars.
I always admired the close connection to nature,the harmony with the cycle of life,the spiritual teaching and knew a commitment to nonviolence had cost them their land,identity,dignity and lives.

A year ago i attended the concert of Joan Shenandoaha in the folklore museum.
This amazing singer not only has a voice of an angel but an academic education and an historian husband who follows her.
Women are celebrated in the  songs she sings in her native tongue.
The husband a native American from a Canadian tribe told me of the struggle of the native Americans for recognition as a nation.
Recently a protest had brought together native Americans from all over in attempts to protest their land ‘s water source being taken over by an  oil company to be used to transport oil which may poison their water source.
I have always been on the side of the native Americans.
In primary school  we learned about them and i formed a life long love of their arts and crafts and belief system and songs and stories.
The native Americans have been portrayed falsely in  almost all Hollywood films but the truth shall come out eventually.
While US is busy pointing an accusing blaming finger at other countries it ought to take a good hard look at its own history and not be surprised the seeds of violence had been planted by the history of abuse of those unable and/or unwilling  to fight back for their honor,dignity and right to live as a unique culture .

Let us remember the discovery of America is the discovery of a true  treasure beyond oil and gold,the culture of love light and peace in harmony with mother nature,the native American people-May they  live on in the light of the truth of their history.

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