Watch “Nehama Hendel – Dona Dona (1965) ;נחמה הנדל: דונה דונה” on YouTube

Donna Donna
Original words in Yiddish has been made famous by Joan Baez as a song of human rights.
The text of a calf bound for market ,asking why it must be led for slaughter ,as it is told by the farmer that this is the destiny of calves while those like the swallow who have wings can fly.
“Calves are easily bound and slaughtered never knowing the reason why but whoever wishes for freedom like the swallow has learned to fly”
is a  song written with the calf as a  metaphor for the jews of Europe during the holocaust,written at the beginning of the Nazi rule of Europe.
Many sang it in Yiddish and English ,Nehama Handel,an Israeli singer married to a German who lived in Germany, was very popular in  west Europe ;in Germany and France in the 1960’s when  Israeli singers like  her,Esther Ofarim ,Mike Brant etc. ,were very beloved in Germany and France. It was a time Israeli singers and Israel were embraced by the German and French audience. before PLO ,the BDS and Noam Chomsky  gained popularity ..

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