Daily Patanjali Yoga sutras :Day three

Misapprehension leads to errors in comprehension of the character,origin and effects of the objects perceived”
What at one time may appear to be beneficial may turn out to be a problem at a later stagr. What we seek as a source of pleasure may turn out to have opposite effect. Fool’s gold is assumed to be gold. Things that must change,like the beauty of youth ,may be considered everlasting.What might be considered as the most important learning ,may ,in time,prove useless.”

let go
a little
empty of air
stop travelling
stay still
but do not
really die
just let go
of senseless thrill
of the senses,
aim for the
cold silent
full of light
not of fright,
die a little
as you weep
to sleep
the serpent
and the beast
that you once
too much
but could never

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a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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