out of the darkness

“How many jewish mothers does it take to change a light bulb?
It’s alright. I’ll just sit in the dark.”
   – A jewish mother joke only i can tell..
This morning as i was getting out of bed,placing one frozen foot after another,the door bell rang,i was just getting climbing into clothes..Then went to put on the tea kettle,that would prove to be my last tea cup at home for some time.
I took out three eggs and cracked their shell preparing an omelet,but the eggs remained raw..the yellow swimming in a sea of egg ..so symbolic too tbis futile attempt to keep sane knowing a change has finally come and there will be no omlet,no food in the fridge remaining edible by night fall…

Yom Kippur,the day of atonment and there will be no light,no food,an ideal fast but since this will be tomorrow night,there would be 24 hours to salvage..

On the way i saw a grey haired grimace of a lady with a black labrador,a mad soliloquy spilled out,the days ignored,thw bragging of her alliance with her neighbor who also has a big house and a labrador.
Then i met my match,a spanish lady picked up my vibes on the train and a smile revealed so much in common;hands across the water…hands across the sea,phone numbers exchanged,Eve and seagull and the snake in paradise;how do we survive an emotionally constipated society that sweeps emotions beneath a carpet of an expression of  stoic doom ?
Don’t hurt anyone,
keep the knives in the drawers,
don’t be radical Islam like
attempting to behead,
keep those wrists well covered,
find a good place to release a scream into words.
Fraustration seeks a safe explosion..
hop on a train ,cross the border,gather strength to pack your bags and move on!
Complaining is never an option,
oh,but first pay the bill,
embrace meditaranian energy and say,wait,i am coming back soon to the place where noise suffocates thoughts of despair,to atone fpr a long overdue voyage to yourself.
Meanwhile,it’s alright i ‘ll  just sit in the dark..and enjoy day light;grey and pale .

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About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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