an open letter to all those women

An open letter to all those women who bring crying babies to  places where i go to write. 

I don’t know whether the baby cries before you come in for your latte or after but just stay home, watch Sesame street reruns, learn alpha bet, it will come in handy some day, to both you and the crying baby. 

Lady, trust me, i have been there, i have done it, and i think i did a good job, my children do not cling to me, they explore the universe and socialise, so listen to me lady, take your crying baby and go home, bake some cookies, talk to your girlfriends on the phone asking advice, sing the baby songs but do not sit there drinking your latte pretending that having a baby is not a big deal that demands your FULL attention, it is an earthquake, not a tremor, it is a reason to go home, to find a home, and if you do not have one to get a room in a hotel , and keep the baby in a quiet quiet place, and maybe watch with it sesame street reruns, if you can not bake cookies, do what an old jewish doctor told me when i had my first baby,sing. 

whatever you do, go home, do not make your baby the center , the main show, my writing words here, should be, ought to be the bees’ knees, not your baby’s sneeze.


mobile phones and modern life have revolutionised child rearing, mothers no longer sit at the park with a baby , there are no parks around anymore, they are abandoned, at least here, there are coffee shops where mothers invade spaces of people trying to think or write or listen to lovers’ conversations or people breaking up. life is no more the way it used to be, the way we grew up, if our mothers wanted to ignore us, they did not talk on the phone at the same time, they would just leave us alone . Life has changed so much but not for the better. I fear a time will come when no one will understand Bob Dylan’s lyrics anymore..i fear a time will come where so many things i held dear to my heart thinking will always sustain me and keep me safe will be gone, libraries led by fierce librarians have turned to robots checking out DVDs that are NOT age appropriate, babies fill coffee shops with crying, and people do not care, it is as though they are on some sort of drug that i am not aware of , some sort of drug that makes people not care. 20151207_224619.jpg

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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