Predators for president

Before lighting candles


lets embrace the dark ..


Prose :

Donald Trump’s exposed behaviour has shed light on the behaviour of the predatory male in powerful positions and it also must then include the behaviour of Bill Clinton and other men, many other men. 

The time you encounter a man like that is blurry, it was  not so clear back then, he did you a favor, signed something for you so you can get a place to live, he did that out of the goodness of his heart, you wanted to believe that so much but actually it is important to remember that goose walking upon your grave, the grave of your good faith that someone really wanted to do you a favor. there is something in certain men, you discovered, that turns them on when they have power over another human being , there is something about certain men , mostly men, who get a kick out of having power over others, and when it happens to you , it takes time to work it out, to figure out that it is not just happening to you, but that there are despicable men out there who are predators for females bleeding victim signs, that there are men there who are hunters for the easy to trap females, for the easy prey that makes them feel more powerful because if truth be told the fake powerful need fake features to give them the illusion of power; ability to take advantage of females, and to take advantage of others because truly powerful people do not need to use others, to use anyone.

In some ways , one may argue that America is in a bad shape, it has been abused and is in  the threat of being abused, but isn’t knowing it, isn’t being aware worth the pain?

And what can be done to prevent abuse a second or third time?

My initial reaction to Hillary Clinton’s campaign based on women and girls’ rights was to question it being authentic , to question how SHE could speak for women and girls being married and staying married with a man who acted as a sexual predator, but those thoughts took the back seat , nothing could be worse than Donald Trump, but maybe it is time to shuffle the cards and find someone who actually does not have anything to do with sexual predators, with power seeking perverts who get a kick out of using power to take advantage of women because they CAN , because no one stops them. 


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