why do all the men

why do all the men i had ever known at one point in my life, the breaking point , had had names that started with the letter “G”?

One day i hiked up the mountain where i live and i found a plastic “G” on the ground, and i immediately thought it is a sign from the universe that i ought to write G. but i did not know which one..

Now, a couple of months later, or maybe years, i realise that “G” could have meant “ground”..wp-1462696439425.jpeg

Is writing still a good outlet ? asked a man whose name begins with the letter “G”,  i had not spoken to in a long time, not since he crossed the border and stayed in France forever..he confesses that learning French was not quite as easy as he had imagined while trying to learn German. 

It’s not an outlet, i want to tell him, it is not just a way how to not get overwhelmed by how you feel, it is THE deal, writing is IT, it is the reason to get up, the reason to eat, it is not just an outlet,  it is not a stream , it is the sea .

I thought this would be a a story but it sounds more like a poem , i did not bother to try to rhyme them but i think a poem is what happens when you put a lot of emotion and forget to stir, when something lacks structure but contains too much, then it is a poem. 

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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