train-hike-train day two-Part 1 of the journey

“little darling
It’s been a long long winter.
Here comes the sun”
   -The Beatles from memory.

I. Suria Namaskara

The day begins with the daily yoga salutation to the fog instead of sun .October days mean waking up to a cloud like existence wrapped up like a present in the ribbons of soft fog.I wonder
what is the sanskrit word for fog?

II. Train to the next town where at a kiosk i purchase Earl Grey tea instead of coffee following the recommendations of a book written by a psychotherapist “the mood cure”pointing out the effect of certain foods on moods,stability from protein,skipping a quick fix for feeling loss of  energy ,coffee creates a yo yo effect.
Black tea is probobly also guilty of the energizing effect but it does not make me feel as guilty. I am trying to regain the discipline i had lost somewhere along the way from puberty when i scheduled every minute trying to maximize efficiency in a south Korean like military regime aimed at getting into medical school with top grades.Years later and a few doctor visits later i am very happy i never got to be a doctor,too many doctors treat their patients’ containers rather than the soul,the source,the sun .

The kiosk lady is busy arranging the local sunday papers with military precision.The headlines all speak of Donald Trump’s abuse of women with one swiss paper claiming sexism has plagued the swiss parliment. With women allowed to vote only since 1972,i  think sexism is actually becoming less of a problem.
Michelle Obama’s photo takes up half a front page of another local newspaper with a quote .
“It is time to open up the discussion”
I make an enthusiastic feminist comment to the kiosk lady in German:
“What woman hasn’t experienced abuse at some point of her life by a powerful male?”
As i am about to quote the UN statistics(one out of three)
the kiosk lady shuts the glass barrier between us sending me a clear message of  closed borders.

To be continued..

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