train-hike-train-day two part two

One minute i was chatting away with an elderly Swedish lady on my way to the alps hike and then from blue skies nothing but blue skies the skies turned grey and  i found myself completely alone with a deer and my dog looking confused and distressed
“what’s a sweetheart like you doing in a place like this”
It was not looking good for us,the yellow signs marking the hiking trail and the red and white painted stripes were GONE all of the sudden.
It was a cliff hanger in more ways than one..i went off the trail..
Two ways divurged in the wood and i took the road less chosen ,the one chosen by deer and goats..but i was neither though the dog was definitely exhibiting talents as a mountain goat,her feet equiped better than my sports shoes.
Rule number one:Hiking shoes are a must!No compromising!
I passed a few happy hikers soaked in mud but thought nothing of it till i found myself on the mountain slope stuck in a  slippery muddy gap in the earth struggling to hold on to something..
“slip sliding away” i  had hummed earlier turned to “when will i see you again?”
Damn it!i cursed,i don’t want to end up as one more little news item in the swiss free press
“Mother of three fell to her death,slipping in a mud trap”
The Jewish press will add “Israeli killed”
The ex pat Swiss paper will add
“published poet”
El Jazirra will add
The Swiss Animal world journal 
will add:
“The dog stood by her side but could do nothing to save her. The dog refused to leave the body as she was airlifted by a Swiss rescue helicaptor.”
The feminist paper will add:
“An activist for women rights by blogging on abuse .”
Hillary clinton will release to the press a statement:
“I am grateful for her devotional support despite the occasional mixed messages”
Donald Trump will tweet:
“She was attractive despite the attacks on me”
My computer minded children will say:
“At least we didn’t go hiking with her.she never did follow  google maps “

I saw my life pass before me and it seemes too short.way too short.

Suddenly an energy not unlike Scarlet o’hara drove me to hang on to a branch and i  had managed to  pull myself out.

Sunset in purple violet pink gave me hope we will soon arrive at the village i saw below us but i forgot one small detail:WE WERE NOT BIRDS!

And so dog,11 years going on 12 ( between 77 human years and  84)
managed to walk in a quick pace as we began a race against the sun light slowly disappearing from the sky turning a pale blue till finally we found ourselves surrounded by  pitch dark ink blue
praying for the full moon to come out .
walking in the forest in the dark brought up all sorts of fears.analyzing them helped take away the element of fear. I tried thinking up every psychobabble ..the silence of the dog comforted me ..she would spot a spiritual presence who wished to harm us,i reasoned.
At one point i carried the dog ,then decided we must work on speed. fortunately she agreed by cooperating walking as fast as those four leggs could carry her..
Finally a house appeared.dark then a house with lights. a little girl in braids looked out at us. If ever there was a little matchbox girl moment (The Hans Christian Anderson story)this was it..
The village seemed to grow further and further.
Hiking Rule number two:
Distances can be misleading therefore follow maps!

Then a car appeared making me realized  another ending to the story ;we could end up as road kill.
Jumping to the grass holding  my dog i cursed the driver..who did not seem to hear.

Suddenly fear overcame me i came to my Hensel and Gretel moment , our  trail of bread  crumbs disappeares, the witch’s house stood in front of us!
It was not made of candy but had animals all over,cages of rabbits and guinea pigs,a cat came to welcome us.I bravely rang the door bell hoping this huge mansion was a hotel for pets(and their owners)
A woman appeared at the balcony,she looked way to young to be a witch. I was more like  the witch ..
I explained we were lost,hoping the dog would varify i am not a psycho killer,and asked which way to the nearest town.
Twenty minutes but not recommended without a flash light.
A moment later the woman had made an official statement
“My husband will drive you to the train station”
A friendly man appeared not a minute later and escorted us to what looked like a car way too fancy for a woman with shoes and pants dipped in mud and a dog with muddy paws..
The man did not seem to notice our sorry state and drove us
wishing us a safe trip home.
I did not notice the name but i made a vow never to speak badly about the Swiss hospitality.
I am speechless of how quick those people were to come to our rescue.How kind !
The red cross is a swiss initiative for a reason.

Another vow is to learn to read maps.

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