could should would

I could write about the cows 

being transported legally 

to their deaths in slaughter houses, 

I should speak about the farmers 

“just doing their jobs, making a living 

at the expense of other living beings’ dying”

I would be standing in front of slaughter houses 

with signs 

looking at the eyes of those with blood on their hands 

but as i watch the sheep disappearing from the field 

here one day, gone another , 

when i dream at night 

i count the number of sheep led to slaughter 

while i remained silent 

and silence is as acceptance 

without excuse 

because we who have the strength 

to articulate in speech 

what cows and sheep and pigs 

and chickens and a long list of others 

can not protest ,

must overcome 

our fear of lack 

we will not be heard

the silence of the lambs 

the silence of the sheep 

must be heard all over 

the blood drenched earth 

till the very foundation 

of every farm must shake 

and scream the suffering 

of those who can not 

save themselves 

because they do not know 

how to fight


in their struggle 

not to be slaughtered

some day. wp-1474055970593.jpeg






About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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