What’a what:thoughts about thoughts

“But in fact,the brain is like any other organ in the body;the brain like the heart,needs care and feeding too. People should address small problems in the brain’s functioning before they become large problems…
while for many years professionals drews a distinction between reactive depressions(depressions in reaction to painful life events)and endogenous depressions(depressiobs growing out if a person’s depressive biology rather than a reaction to a stressful reality), that distinction is now breaking down. ..
clinicans will preceive the patient as endrogenously depressed ,when in fact what happened is that the person’s brain has been sensitized to endogenous depression by previous bouts of reactive depression…
once we have been hurt often enough,it becomes easy to plunge into depression over a problem that would barely register upon the happy person with the heretofore serene existence.Eventually the brain becomes more and more reactive to smaller and smaller problems,the “initiating”trouble becomes all but imperceptible.
Depression ,even mild depression ,is a slippery slope. Once we are on it,a stoic soldiering on is not the answer..depression must be addressed.”
  -“shadow syndromes”
   -John Ratey  M.D.and Catherine Johnson phD.

“A review of research indicates that depressed people reliably experience rejection from those in their social environment and that depression generally is associated with impairment in social behavior”
   -Chris Segrin and Lyn Y. Abramson.

You can find them in bars
drinking away their tomorrow
trying to drown their sorrow,
you can find them in the mirror
if you bother to look,
they are not just words
in a clinical book.
You can find them
in yourself
if you take a closer look..

Reading Virginia Woolf’s biography and writing,there is so much more to learn about mental imbalance,depression and the prevention and so important to talk about it.

It is what happens to us and it is not but it is well worth talking about it to someone who also seeks to understand human pain and suffering.

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