what is the world coming to?

what is this world coming to when a spider in Australia gets adopted after he hunts down a poor mouse dragging it on view on Facebook?
First of all -just how many more views of brutuality will Zuckerberg permit???
Vietnam war victims-no
Vicious Spider ‘s  rodent victim-yes
At least the photo from the war in Vietnam can gain insight into the consequences of wars for the innocent children trapped within a war zone.
The mouse being dragged by a spider really got my goat:
Since when are spiders considered man’s best friend?
Are mice not our cute cartoon heros?
Was it Micky mouse or spiderman who first captured our hearts as young children?
ok spiderman was a super hero saving the world but Micky mouse saved the world’s sweetness with his sweet high pitch voice and big ears-who could be more adorable?

So while it is still not clear whether the Australian Spider caught and killed or simply dragged an already   deceased mouse ,lets remember even as the holiday of the scary creatures, Halloween, approaches,that cute creatures lives still matter !
Yes cute may be relative to a culture but i am on the side of the mice.
disease carriers or not,mice are cute furry and sweet.
Spiders serve an important function in ridding homes of insects but are only cute as Hollywood actors dressed up in a spiderman suit.

speaking of spiders and halloween:
another halloween tradition ruined by me -There will be apples this year for the trick n treaters coming up to our door!Michelle Obama will approve of the positive message of eating right!

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