Dog dignity


Halloween is a good time to tell people posting photos of dogs wearing a donut pillow or dressed up.
Yes, a lot of people sometimes do stupid things like dress up.their dogs for dress up competitions or for the laugh but maybe this will come as news to some people but
Dogs do not like wearing donut pillows or bat wings or ballerina skirts!
All too often we see on social media dogs dressed up in seasonal pumpkin ,bat,turkey etc.
but for the animals this is nothing but uncomfortable torture.
Please use technology and photoshop.
One year i entered our dog in a dress up competition as a bat dog
using the kids’ bat wings,i regret it now,i realize too many dogs suffer the humility of being dressed up
and having to suffer uncomfortable dress up,
this  especially  occurs to smaller breed so this year take  a photo of your pet and use photoshop!

Dignity for dogs and other pets!

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