Liberal Zionists, We Lost the Kids – Opinion – Israel News
Last week i talked to D. Who said he wanted to go to israel but since he is part of a jews for jesus movement ,married a deeply religious christian,had a tribe of children,he claimed he was rejected.I think that there is a problem  with missionaries that Israel as a  declared safe haven for jews ,feels the need to limit their presence.
I for one resent the idea of missionaries;people selling you ideas how to save your soul if only you subscribe to their ideas,it is like a constant election campaign and since i take belief systems seriously i resent the intruison.
It never seems to stop and in German they are called “soul catchers”
First of all they are insincere,the tend to wrap their ideas in  friendship cover.
Second of all ,i need to address this article,the media is a soul catcher too,D. pointed that out as well,the media shapes people’s opinions and decides who is popular and who not.
Israel has had a tough time with both the media and on an ideological level,a lack of popularity as the palestinians became more popular and here are my speculations on that matter:
1)The Arabs are seen as the under dogs despite having tramendous wealth and oil and a dire lack of socially fair policies,they will always be seen as poor and helpless especially due to images of drowning refugees and fleeing children from civil wars inflicted by dictatorships in the middle east.
Not a lot of people stop and ask themselves how other people,namely jews,handled not having a homeland,and how the pioneers who had  come to the land of Israel struggled to maintain control over their territory rather than to flee. Most pioneers chose to fight rather than flee. These days there is a change,young people want a war free future and seek to leave but not in boats but in airplanes with suitcases .
Not to judge the refugees anywhere but lets just think that one has a choice whether to fight violent thugs or to leave.
Israelis are all too often seen as the violent thugs.why?
A bias that wishes to see jews as victims refuses to see a more complicated reality.
2)It is a human tendancy to not face threats till it is too avoid the warning signs.
Statistics by the ADL (antidefamation league)show a rise in antisemitism but it is ignored by the jews.Donald Trump tendancies to generalize and stimitize are ignored too. Hitler had jewish voters too and i think i am not the first to find similarities between Trump and the Nazis.

3)Thoroughly liberal jews jews seem to be  a dying breed. The liberal tendancies to see all people as same increase the probobility of interfaith marriage and loss of identity as jewish.
I consider myself liberal and yet i see the problematic side of interfaith marriages to all minority groups but also jews and yet jews lacking a  jewish value system is just as problematic.
I have nearly nothing in common with jews who see nonjews as a totally other species and jews as having a special quality simply by being born.The  famous Jewish quest for justice is not automatic available at birth but is groomed through education and through having a role model. Those role models are becoming a rare breed  amongst all groups of jews.

4)Despite the violence in the middle east many jews still seek to make Israel their home because it is a place where a jew can forget label stigmas and prejudiced images and simply be a human being .Having a unique language and culture practiced as the main culture is a rare experience in a world where jews comprise less than 1% of the population and in no country a majority other than Israel.
The discussion about Israel is far from easy but jews who choose to ignore the unique history in the modern creation of the state are missing out on a unique insight into their own personal  history and nonjews who do not step beyond sterotypes to get a wider view will miss out on stepping out from the accuser shoes into more comfortable shoes of a fair observer.

Peace light and love

It seems like hard work in the middle east but everywhere too.whenever it looks easy it is an illusion. It’s constant  neverending work.

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