The nightmare before thanksgiving

The American presidential elections 2016

This election campaign has been a tsunami shaking not only America but also the rest of  the world and opening up a pandora box .

Pandora box of beliefs people held as true but once opened up,the ugly truths could not be avoided.

One important ugly truth exposed is the lack of moral upper hand of the right wing so called righteous religious.
Being religious does not make people righteous otherwise how can a true man or woman of faith sit down or be in the presence of a man with such bad choices of speech and action as shown time after time by the despicable Donald Trump.
There are too many men who hold positions of power who resemble Donald Trump ,either openly or secretly objectifying others,dehumanizing ,and supported by political religious entities.
Pat Robertson sat down to interview Donald Trump as a good guy after a tape exposed MORE of what the public had heard before,a typical tycoon ,a product of a society where money can get you a place in heaven and buy you a seat in the supreme status next to jesus or Moses or whatever figure you wish to worship that is seen as acceptable by the country whose founding fathers were acting at a time when ideals were not yet tested by money.

The combination of religion and politics and power has never spelled good news for  those of us who hold ideals as equality and brotherhood as true.

Politics has too many perverts unbalanced in powerful positions and so Anthony weiner’s sick pursuit of a  15 year old child on the internet get mixed up with Hillary Clinton’s emails.

What is right and wrong does not interest the religious right wing politicians but only promoting their conservative agenda limiting women’s rights to choose,and pushing foreward power hungry monsters who make life on earth  resemble hell for those who seek a world where the more powerful do not abuse their power to do as they please to fulfill selfish needs revolving around themselves.

Donald Trump unused to serving anyone else’s needs ,seeks the glory without having earned it by proving himself dedicated to serving  the good of society but that does not bother the religious right who are always right.

The left wing politics is seen as a moral danger but really,when we look at the religious extreme,how moral are those claiming to follow a figure like jesus or moses?

It isn’t just in the US.
In Israel it is the minister of education who fails to make sure teachers who earn a slave’s wage receive  their pay ,welcoming the new jewish year without having gotten paid but that so called religious minister is busy making sure the disputed territories are distributed to settlers who are a mixed bag of people with good intentions and those who openly declare an agenda that ignores basic facts ,that there are people living next to them who do not want them there. It is not that terror should ever win,or that violence be the way but how about figuring out co existence and not seek to ignore discontent but seek to pay teachers,promote values that separate them from the violent neighberhood. Not to be sacrificed for a military cause but to not act in the name of god but that of humanity. It is not to say that the settlers  having to deal with fanatic hamas are wrong for seeking to stay on their land but i feel scared when the values of humane co existence are lost even as the hamas terror acts as declared to destroy all human lives,if we do not have values what makes us the good guys?

I still believe in good guys,not those who claim god is on their side handing out real estate but people who seek to live in peace,not feeling superior to others in any way but in the choices made,to be better people,not to please a mysterious god but in order to live with inner peace unique to those practicing what they preach.

In this election all choices feel wrong;
The clintons endangering national security by mixing sexual pursuits through cyber space with confidential state department data or Donald Trump a dubious figure lacking character or moral values to stop him from acting out of a  selfish need to take  risk in order to increase personal profit.The messiah of the religious right who does not know the difference between respect and disrespect,whose  shameless  conduct is perceived as strength by the  judgemental hypocrites of the  politically religious.

Jesus and Moses were individuals  listening to a calling to lead others towards a better life where the choice is how  to  treat others as you would like to be treated yourself,not by competing who can be the winner.

In this election both choices are wrong but whoever wins the election ,if more people wake up to the manipulation of the right religious politics ,then more people will be saved from the phony fake preachings of power hungry marketing of the churches and religious establishment and bands of beggers knocking on our doors with nothing to offer but lies.

Peace light and love.

Whoever you vote for
Wake up and say no to religious manipulation of politics.

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