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Time is ticking
As the American presidential
Elections are almost over,with early voting going on,
I recall staying up to hear the results Way  back then when it seemed impossible,
my friend Scott was rolling in his wheelchair in L.A. campaigning for the Democratic candidate and then the results were in:
Barak Obama was the first American president of African origin ,Scott called crying ,we both cried,we were so excited.
There were disappointments but Barak Obama never failed to speak in a clear and intelligent voice,brought real culture,sensibility and sensivity,a fine example of a family with an amazing first lady,Michelle,many will miss her voice and action on behalf of children.
Though i did not always agree on all his decisions especially on foreign affairs in the middle east which disappointed me a lot at times,and still seem to rush to embrace agreements with some irrational political entites,still Barak Obama was not acting on his own,there was a political agenda to maintain unfortunately sometimes blindness to certain domestic  topics however i think no president  has been scapegoated as much as him ,often for issues that were stirred up by previous presidents .
We expected Barak Obama to bring peace to the middle east and to fight racism by the police but things got worse,and since those who believe there is only one G-d and  it can not be the president of the USA ,maybe Barak Obama is not to be blamed for all that is wrong in the world or even most of all that is wrong but there were many precious moments of kindness and caring and for that i am deeply grateful and add,you will be missed mr. President.

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