Punish German BDS teachers, say US and Israeli labor-union leaders — The JPost

I think the main points in why this incident is so ugly is:
1)My teachers had always been politically neutral which is how it should be except to teach democracy .
2)The  EXCLUSIVE focus on the Jewish state excluding dire human rights abuse in the middle east that are actually influencing Germany ;Syria’s civilians massacred and forced to flee ,amongst them no doubt Palestinians too,yet that does not bother the teacher concerned with human rights to pressure his government for action in the UN paralyzed by focusing delegitimizing Israel.
3)Ignorance of history culture and the influence of the bible on European culture is without excuse.How can a teacher so ignorant of history teach anyone?
4)Anyone who can feel empathy for one group of people (palestinians)but not another(israelis-a mixed society)can not be called compassionate. This blind ignorance of the suffering of people enduring wars and terror after fleeing Nazi controlled Europe shows the very roots of racial hate and divide are still there.
The biased media distorts the presentation of a reality that is destructive for both the Palestinians and the Israelis.
5)The teacher obviously knows nothing about the suffering of the palestinians by their own regime,brainwashed in school from an early age,taught racist agenda generalizing all jews as evil ,this should have sounded familiar to any  German who knows the history of his country but it doesnt because the teacher has not learned the lessons of his country’s past so therefore must repeat them.
6)It always strikes me odd when certain  Germans declare empathy for Palestinians with whom they have nothing in common culturally and show at the same time no empathy for jews who had contributed to their country’s culture endlessly,whether the poet Heine,Mandelson,Albert Einstein ,philosophers,poets,writers,scientists exceptional in contribution to society ,many who were forced to flee the country their ancestors were born in for generations just because they were jews so to ignore that is simple ignorance.
Accusations of jews as destructive and dangerous are part of racist propoganda.
The German teacher must not be allowed to pass his racist ideology to the pupils who fall into his hands.
Biased political propoganda should be not be glorified in any school and certainly not in Germany.
Racism exists everywhere unfortunately but it should be controlled and contained by rational balanced people ,assuming those exist within the education system.

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